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Placement of listings in catalogues is a subjective task; if a catalog or keyword doesn't pull up what you are seeking, then try other related catalogues or keywords. Use the ISBN field only as a last resort: only a portion of our inventory have ISBN data entered as yet, but are gradually being caught up. For best results, we advise that searches be run on author surname and/or title for the time being. NOTE: our inventory changes daily, with many new titles being added or removed, so you should check the listings frequently.

Notes re condition and printing

The majority of books offered are 'used'. The condition of all books and their jackets are conservatively described in detail. If you have questions on a specific book's condition, feel free to email us for a quick response giving more detail on whatever aspects you require more information on.

Books specifically listed on our site as 'First Editions' or as 'First Printings' will be exactly that, either stated or indicated as such clearly by the publishers on the book's copyright pages or otherwise determined as such through researching individual titles. We prefer to describe printing instead of edition (e.g. 'Second Printing'). Other books are published as later or revised editions ('Second Edition', 'Revised Edition' etc.) and will be listed here as such. Books listed as "First Edition (?)" indicates a lack of absolute certainty on our part that a book is a first edition. Publishers usually indicate this in various ways, often very obscurely, but sometimes present no indication at all; also publishers tend to periodically change their policy in this regard. Even the most experienced dealers may have difficulties in determining edition and printing and this represents a continual learning process for all of us. Nevertheless, we make a determined and honest effort to accurately describe printing and edition as we recognize the importance of this to many bibliophiles.

'BCE' or 'SFBC' indicates a book club edition. Note: more than a few first editions are published directly by book clubs. Also many books see their first jacketed hardcover editions as first appearing through book clubs (e.g. the Science Fiction Book Club). Many BC editions are near-indistinguishable from original editions, while others have slightly different publishing formats.

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